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Words of Type

Preview of Words of Type content with typographic terms, illustrations and descriptions


Words of Type is an encyclopedia of typographic terms, illustrated and explained in multiple languages.

The first version of Words of Type will contain 200 terms, from all the specific terms used in typography and typeface design, translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This is a temporary website version, online for the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, to allow the launch of its first official version.

Here is some additional information about the rewards for contributors to the campaign (licenses, lectures, and workshops).

What & who

Words of Type is a project initiated by Lisa Huang. Great consideration is brought upon the quality of the descriptions in every language. We can count in (as of now) multiple experts for each language, such as Mona Franz, Min-Young Kim, Tânia Raposo, Katja Schimmel, Carlos de Toro, Yanru Wang and Chuyang Zheng.

Illustrations are made by amazing artists such as Erik van Blokland, James Graham, Jay Cover, and Tezzo Suzuki. Some others are illustrated by Lisa, or are accompanied by photographs and scans, all with the information of their source or owner.


Words of Type aims to be a useful and accessible tool for everyone interested in typography and type design, everywhere.

Words of Type doesn’t want to pretend to be THE only source for all things about typography, but a companion to the many great resources that already exist as books and other media; sort of like a sidekick helper to those studying or teaching typography and type design, using these fields on a daily basis, or even just occasionally.

It helps to know exactly what is being said, or written, or how to say something when it is about typography. And in more languages than English only.



Words of Type
Lisa Huang

Graphic Design
Grégory Taniguchi-Ambos

Website Development
Goodthing Studio

Yanru Wang 王燕茹

Katja Schimmel

(Japanese, Korean)
Min-Young Kim

Mona Franz

(English, French)
Tânia Raposo

Chuyang Zheng 郑初阳

Erik van Blokland
Jay Cover
James Graham
Tezzo Suzuki

Scholar Round,
by Lisa Huang

(Scholar Round Fonts Engineering)

Scholar Round KR,
by Mingoo Yoon

(Chinese, Simpl.)
Yuanti SC,
by Changzhou SinoType Technology

Mplus Rounded 1c,
by M+ Fonts Project,
Google Fonts