Our multilingual encyclopedia is coming soon. Stay tuned!


Words of Type is a platform to expand and practice your knowledge in typography.

With a series of articles, lectures and workshops about diverse content with people speaking multiple languages, they are great opportunities to learn and practice, get live feedback, and discuss with experts from around the world.

We are aiming for a place that reflects and cultivates our international typographic world to, eventually, bring people closer together.


We begin our series of lectures and workshops as online events for practicality, open to all and at reasonable price for accessibility. Continuous effort is ongoing to bring larger options in the near future.

We are also open for partnerships with companies willing to sponsor events, partially or entirely! Feel free to send us an email at partners@wordsoftype.com and make it happen together!

Family, illustration by Jay Cover.

Alphabet, illustration by James Graham.

Contrast, illustration by Erik van Blokland.

Hanzi, illustration by Tezzo Suzuki.

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