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Words of Type

Scholar Round follows the concept of the Words of Type project. It serves a didactic purpose, with a fun and accessible attitude, highly legible shapes for easy reading, and rounded forms as a reference to the rounded typefaces used in school books.

As rewards to contributions for the Kickstarter campaign, there are licenses exceptionally made to use the Scholar Round typeface yourself.

If you pledge for one of these, your name will be listed in our Contributors Page!

Download EULA

License type
Desktop and web for one user

Reward price
30 € for one style
50 € for two styles
100 € for the full family

Font formats

You can use these as trials for potential commercial use (e.g., as a designer, you want to try Scholar Round on a project for a potential client). But if it gets chosen for that project, you’ll need a specific license adapted to your client and its use. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions!

We need to wait for the campaign to be successful, then send the files and license that you picked. As the funding process takes 14 business days on Kickstarter’s side, it means that we will be able to send the files to each backer one month after the campaign has ended.